SAC Challenge Week4

The SAC Challenge this week required a male country song for an artist in his 20’s. I grew up with  a lot of country and southern rock influences  but that has little to do with the country music of today. After listening to the top ten male artist and reading the topical info required by Ron Irving I felt a little lost .. All the new songs are about trucks and partying ( and shaking that “moneymaker”!) I really didn’t have a good place to start. After rough drafting 4 different grooves I settled on one, more of an RnB thing,  as Debra Alexander had pointed to some new artist using similar drum grooves. Looks like anything goes in country these days.

I started drums and guitar and just kinda went for a ride with it, as with deadlines looming there’s not a lot of time for second guessing ones self. Nine tracks later Shine is now  a  country song demo!  Had fun and moving on to week 5….. Larry

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