Week1 SAC Challenge in The 6th week.

WOW 6 weeks flew by!!  With me by the seat of my pants,!!  It is with mixed emotion I end the SAC Songwriting Challenge 2015. On one hand I wish I had more time to dedicate toward the weekly events and on the other , happy because I need a rest. Those melodies have been haunting me day and night. Very happy to have participated in this challenge and proud to have come up with some ideas. My production level is growing and I now hear songs in my head. It all just eats at the clock. I found it very hard to write for genres I know little about , but found it somewhat interesting or enlightening. Hope all the post and songs stay up on the page as I’ve had little time to actually listen to them all . The ones I have heard have been brilliant and helps raise the bar for further endeavours. ‘Till next time….   Larry MacLean

Week 5 SAC Challenge is a real Challenge for Me!

This excercise has really turned into  a challenge! When  I decided to commit to the SAC songwriting challenge I thought it would be good to get some discipline in my writing. As I have a tendency to be distracted by other things in my life (like work). I figured out a schedule where I would make 12 hrs a week available. The problem is that usually my first idea eats half that time before I decide I want to use something else. And so here I am again racing the clock to blog and post. My song is Lucifer’s Cure and it an abstract bluegrass sound. It forced me to get my 5 string banjo out which at times has stayed in the case for years at a time! For that I am grateful to SAC.


SAC Challenge Week4

The SAC Challenge this week required a male country song for an artist in his 20’s. I grew up with  a lot of country and southern rock influences  but that has little to do with the country music of today. After listening to the top ten male artist and reading the topical info required by Ron Irving I felt a little lost .. All the new songs are about trucks and partying ( and shaking that “moneymaker”!) I really didn’t have a good place to start. After rough drafting 4 different grooves I settled on one, more of an RnB thing,  as Debra Alexander had pointed to some new artist using similar drum grooves. Looks like anything goes in country these days.

I started drums and guitar and just kinda went for a ride with it, as with deadlines looming there’s not a lot of time for second guessing ones self. Nine tracks later Shine is now  a  country song demo!  Had fun and moving on to week 5….. Larry

SAC week 3 Challenge -TV jingle

Hello to all SAC participants. This weeks challenge was fun as we were told to create a fun composition .  I seem to be getting into the pattern of receiving the info, thinking it through and setting smaller  time deadlines in order to avoid the panic on a Sunday night. Now that I have ironed the wrinkles out of the upload procedure, things are happening a little smoother. I look forward to the next challenge. I hope a some point to connect with a writer who has some recording skills to collaborate and send files  back and forth. I have never done this but I know it happens all the time. As long as they are wave files and started at the zero mark that should import into any DAW. My jingle song is called Together and is now uploaded…. Larry


, Week 2 SAC Challenge.

Hello to all ! Week two was challenging as I have never tried to write from a female teen perspective . The only  idea I had  was that all teens were self absorbed and emotional.   I came up with the title ” Vulnerable” and ran with it. I tracked some drums and bass and the outlined the form while tweaking the lyric as I proceded. The bridge was added last.  Although I had to sing myself I left the words as if a female could sing it . I am not totally happy with it but it is a good exercise against the clock , as I will probably do several more mixes . It is what it is .   I will post the link to SoundCloud on the SAC fb page.. Happy writing ,till next time… Larry


The Learning Curve

As with all software , before content is control. I have gone through this process many times over the years while trying to be creative. Just when a fab idea comes to mind ,a roadblock in procedure arises and out come the manuals. This will serve as my very first blog ever and a test to see if it works.